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Decorating styles

At Happy Cake Co., we can design just about any kind of cake. All cakes start with the same great cake base, and the rest is pure fun and creativity. From diverse fillings to icings and design styles our cakes are sure to please.

About cake styles:

Just like with clothing styles and home decor, cake styles change too. Through the years we've kept up the pace with trends in cake styles. The basketweave pattern, very popular just a few years ago is rarely requested today. The style of now is more of a fondant based, smooth finish cake with specially crafted shapes of fondant. Learn more about fondant.

A Happy Cake decorated from start to finish:

Freshly baked chocolate cakes ready to be decorated.

Diana, the owner of Happy Cake Co., cuts a chocolate cake round in half to prepare it for icing.

Raspberry filling is added to this cake. We have a variety of fillings available. See the flavors and fillings page.

The second raspberry filling layer is added and outlined with white icing to hold the filling in the cake.

In total four layers are added to the cake with filling between each layer.

Next, the first layer of icing is added to the cake. This layer seals the moisture into the cake.

The first layer is smoothed out.


The second layer of icing is added. Now this is getting good!  

At this point, the second layer of buttercream icing is smoothed out.

Diana starts piping on a leaf pattern.

Fondant flowers have been added. Learn more about this technique.

Piping around the edges with a light pink icing finishes off the decoration.

Text is piped onto the cake - any message is possible.

The finished product.